To blog or not to blog

What a dilemma.

Should it be personal or professional?  Make it relevant to your business but don’t hard sell.  Make it SEO efficient in order to get Google bots crawling over your website.  Make it personal and thought provoking enough to entertain your readers but contain content that may help grow your business. It’s a minefield. 

Try and research blog writing online and you get masses of results from people who blog about writing blogs – a media snake endlessly eating its own blogging tail. 

I guess it’s part of setting up your own business and getting your name known out there – overcoming the ingrained desire of not wanting to boast or blow your own trumpet.  Only you can make your business a success and that is going to involve the bits you don’t like, whether its self-promotion or creating (and sticking to) a survival budget.

For me the writing, typing, and general office organising comes easily and is (sadly) enjoyable.  The selling myself and my business to clients is a new challenge!  But challenging days are interesting days and it’s never boring.  If you’re in the happy place where you need some help around the office please get in touch, I’m always happy to have a cup of tea and a chat. 

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So, Halloween is almost upon us.

Now, I'm not actually a massive fan of Halloween – a true child of the 80s, I’ve always been scared Freddy will get me while I sleep or Pinhead will visit.

Perhaps a serial killer will whip me off the street when trick or treating or the apples will be filled with razor blades. 

I blame too many horror films way too young!

But I do like pumpkins and sweets, so it's not all bad. 

And if you're feeling spooked by the amount of paperwork building up in your office, or scared of your secretary going on holiday, get in touch and see what Adams Admin can do to help, WE'RE definitely not scary.

Launch Day

So.  There's lots of excitement at Adams Admin at the moment.

Not only is it my favourite season but our new website is now live and the launch of our remote secretarial service at the start of October is fast approaching.

If you're unsure what a remote secretarial service can offer, just think - whatever a secretary or administrator can do on a computer, I can do for you.  No headache of recruitment, none of the costs of a permanent employee - and without drinking your coffee!

Keep an eye out for upcoming posts and get in touch for more information.