One chocolate Hobnob is never enough ...

Gratuitous holiday pic

Gratuitous holiday pic

“One chocolate Hobnob is never enough”.  So, who thinks this is an appropriate cookie policy for the GDPR?

2018 has been quite a ride so far!  Building the business alongside snow days, holidays and multiple birthdays has led to my poor old blog and Facebook page becoming quite neglected.

With recent clients needing interview transcription, transfer of information from paper booking forms to manageable computerised data and providing a full PA and secretarial service, the upcoming GDPR legislation (shudder) has raised itself in my mental to-do list from “must get around to that sometime” to “argh, get it done now and get it done good”! And no, my cookie policy is not “one chocolate Hobnob is never enough”, although this could easily be standard operating procedure in our house.

With some time spent researching the requirements and an excellent guide from the ICO, I’m proud and relieved to say the Privacy and Cookie policies for Adams Admin are now fully up to date and GDPR compliant.

If you’re struggling, this guide from the Information Commissioner’s Office has some great tips to use as a starting point: